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Looking for Sugar training & certification classes? You have come to the right place!

It's Time to learn to Sugar!

Certification is required to order supplies from the top Sugar suppliers. This advanced requirement ensures that only skilled practitioners will be sugaring the public.

Now you can earn that certification ONLINE!

iSugarUniversity is the world's only online based Body Sugar Certification and advanced training for licensed skincare professionals. Our courses will teach you to be not only an amazing sugar practitioner, or "SugarPro", but a savvy business owner as well. You will learn step-by-step Body Sugaring techniques, marketing & business skills, and inspiration to set yourself apart as a sugaring professional.

Instant access to high quality, fun theory and practical skills training

No travel to a training site

Learn in the comfort of your own studio

Access the training 24/7

Continued support while you practice your new skill

Learn at your own pace

Thorough curriculum with detailed information you can watch over and over again!

To become a certified body sugaring practitioner with iSugarUniversity, you must be a Licensed Esthetician and/or Cosmetologist. You must be able to submit these Credentials once you have enrolled.


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