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How Would You Like The Step By Step Game Plan To

Take Your Sugaring Skills & Income To The Next Level

With the Guidance of Body Sugaring Rockstars and a Community of Other Sugar Professionals Cheering You To Success


An Online Education & Support Membership Program For Growing A Profitable Body Sugaring Business

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join the SugarTribe!

#1 Sugar Biz Masterclass Series (value $997)

In The SugarBiz Masterclass Series, industry leaders will share their knowledge.
You'll Get EVERYTHING You Need To Help You GROW your body sugaring business!

  • Consultation Form Mastery. Transform an underwhelming client on-boarding system in to a stellar customer service experience.
  • Boost Your Sales! Retailing for Sugaring Professionals. And how to can ethically upsell  to make insane amounts of money.
  • Sensitive Skin and Body Sugaring. Siphon wax sensitive clients from the competition with this advanced technique.
  • Putting Your Sugaring Business on Pinterest. Fill your appointment calendar without spending a dime on paid ads.

  • Tableside Manners. Discover the client etiquette that brings repeat customers that tip for your impeccable service.

  • Nutrition & Stretches That Will Get You Through Your Fully Booked Sugar Day. Learn how to take care of yourself as well as you take care of your clients.
  • Beautifully Natural Brows with Sugaring. And what you can do to make sure you get them even every time.
  • Sugaring for Cosmos. Double your average chair ticket without doubling the time worked.
  • Brazilian Skin Conditions. The art and science behind the perfect beach ready Brazilian.
  • Social Media For Sugaring Professionals. I have to post endlessly on social media to grow my business, right? WRONG. This shocking case study suggests otherwise.
  • How to Protect Yourself in your practice. Discover how to protect yourself from the malpractice the D.I.Y YouTubers walk you right into
  • All the Ways to Exfoliate for Smoother Skin. Empower you clients with sexy, supple skin courtesy of your new expertise

And much more!


I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of comprehensive and affordable body sugaring education available, right?


Sure, there’s a gazillion YouTube videos popping up everyday with amateur kitchen sugarists providing tutorials.


The truth is those videos are often riddled with mistakes and practices that will drive your business into the ground.


The top sugar suppliers will not sell you products unless you are “Sugar Certified” from a reputable source.


You need access to accurate knowledge from proven experts in the field who will hold your hand through the process.


You want to confidently expand your skills, get certified and consistently bring in more money to provide for your family.


Am I close?


I totally understand. 


How Would You Like Proven Industry Experts To Hold Your Hand Through The Blueprint To Success In Your Hair Removal Business


No more googling for dud advice..


No more travel to take a class..


No more wondering about how others do it...


No more feeling less than amazing.


Figuring it out alone is overwhelming!


That's the power of The SugarTribe.


We got you.  Lets do this! 


Ready To Join SugarTribe?

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#2 Advanced Technique Library (value $1997)

The Advanced Technique Library Will Give You The Skills & Confidence To Leave The Competition In The Dust! 

  • The right type of STRUCTURED & SMART advanced classes to help you perfect your technique...or perhaps learn a new one!
  • Real-life Examples to Learn From and Mistakes To Avoid. We'll answer all those little questions that come up in the treatment room.  Special guests will join us too!
  • Access to Beauty Industry pros who can give you deeper insight into your career and future of this business.

  • The Exact Steps to effortlessly execute the most complex sugaring technique.

  • On Demand Video Tutorials. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home

And much more!



No more winging it and hoping nobody will notice.

No more wrong advice.

No more endless Googling and YouTubing.


Ready To Join SugarTribe?

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#3 Monthly Live Q&A With Shannon Sophia (value $2400)

Jump On A Call EVERY Month And Get Your Industry Questions Answered With Nothing Held Back.
You Can Ask Questions About:

  • Monthly Q&A hosted by Shannon Sophia to answer all those little questions that come up in the treatment room.  Special guests will join us too!
  • How To Get More Clients the #1 question people ask me all the time.
  • Mindset Rituals. Discover the mindset pillars that keep you healthy and wealthy
  • Access to Beauty Industry pros who can give you deeper insight into your career and future of this business.

  • Marketing strategies, ideas, & motivation to nudge you to promote yourself effectively & efficiently.

  • Work Life Balance. It's truly possible. I'll tell you how

And much more!


Every month I jump on an hour long live group Q&A call.


I will answer your questions and give you hot off the press info on what’s currently trending in the Skincare industry along with the mistakes you should avoid.



Usually, it’s only my high ticket one to one coaching clients that get personal access to me. They pay thousands of dollars for the experience.


All calls are recorded. If you can’t make a live call you’ll be able to watch the replay as soon as it's posted in the private member’s area.

Ready To Join SugarTribe?

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#4 Private SugarTribe Community (value $997)

Go Further With The Power of The SugarTribe Community!
Your Online Professional Support System. Get Feedback, Advice, Inspirations and Collaborations. 

  • Hot Discussions on trending industry topics that directly affect your business
  • Support and Sisterhood many of our members go on to collaborate or become good friends offline
  • The Sugar Hive a buzz of brainstorming, inspiration and income generating ideas!
  • And much more!


The private SugarTribe Community is a safe haven where you can connect with other professionals on the path to grow their skincare business just like you.

You’ll never walk alone on this business success journey.


You’ll have a place to swap ideas, find friends and even drop an occasional rant to like minded peers who care.


This Community is Only For Those With An Active SugarTribe Membership


Unlock an Exclusive Bonus!

For Free!

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Perfect those Brazilian skills, we have included our Perfectly Sugared Brazilian course...and it will include any Brazilian courses we add on in the future!

 The SugarTribe will give you the step-by-step body sugaring techniques, marketing & business skills, and support to set yourself apart as a sugaring professional. 

What does $57 a month mean to you?


That’s about $1.90 a day.


For some of you, that’s the equivalent of swapping half a cup of Starbucks for a business community that gives you the knowledge, connections and support to reach success.


Whatever $1.90 a day can buy you, understand this:


When you join the SugarTribe it will return back to you and then some.


In a few months you’ll look back and marvel why you ever thought twice.


The small investment and act of faith will be the best thing you ever did for your business and family.

Still Wondering If SugarTribe Is Right For You?

I get it.


Here’s a thought.


Try the SugarTribe for a month.


I mean really dig into the trainings. Ask those burning questions in the Q&A. Network and find amazing new opportunities.


And if it doesn’t make a difference in your business you're only out a gigantic half a cup of Starbucks a day!


Remember you can cancel anytime. No contract. No questions asked.

As the #1 Authority In the Body Sugaring Industry, I Know What's Working Today! 

And What Isn't.

I'm the owner of a successful sugaring business…

And, I’m hands on, working in the trenches every day. Running my own successful business, providing certification and working with other industry rockstars.


I know what it takes to get to that next level.


This is not your typical training.  This is a community of SugarPros empowering and uplifting each spread the SUGAR PASSION.


We are excited to hang out with you every month...

I'll see you on the inside.

Shannon xo



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